deb-override(5)           (2021-04-13)            deb-override(5)

          deb-override - Debian archive override file


          While most information about a package can be found in the
          control file, some is managed centrally by the distribution
          czars rather than by the maintainer in order to offer some
          global consistency.  This information is found in the
          override file.

          The override file has a simple whitespace-delimited format.
          Comments are allowed (denoted with a #).

              package priority section [maintainer-info]

          package is the name of the package. Entries in the override
          file for packages not found in the tree of binary packages
          are ignored.

          priority and section correspond to the respective control
          fields available in the .deb. The allowed values are
          specific to each distribution archive.

          maintainer-info, if present, can be either the name of a
          maintainer for an unconditional override, or else old-
          maintainer => new-maintainer to perform a substitution.

          The override files used to make the official Packages lists
          may be found in the indices directory on any Debian mirror.

          dpkg-scanpackages(1), dpkg-scansources(1), apt-

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