hdparm.conf(5)          (August 10, 2005)          hdparm.conf(5)

          hdparm.conf - Debian configuration file for hdparm

          This is the default configuration for hdparm for Debian.  It
          is a rather simple script, so please follow the following
          guidelines :) Any line that begins with a comment is ignored
          - add as many as you like.

          Since hdparm doesn't use init script anymore, this
          configuration is mainly used by udev.  Still one can re-
          apply settings from the config file by calling either

          /usr/lib/pm-utils/power.d/95hdparm-apm resume

          or by calling

          DEVNAME=/dev/<disk> /lib/udev/hdparm

          Note that an in-line comment is not supported.  If a line
          consists of whitespace only (tabs, spaces, carriage return),
          it will be ignored, so you can space control fields as you
          like.  ANYTHING ELSE IS PARSED!!

          This means that lines with stray characters or lines that
          use non # comment characters will be interpreted by the
          initscript.  This has probably minor, but potentially seri-
          ous, side effects for your hard drives, so please follow the
          guidelines.  Patches to improve flexibilty welcome.

          Note that if the init script causes boot problems, you can
          pass 'nohdparm' on the kernel command line, and the script
          will not be run.

          Setting an option outside of one of the stanzas enables it
          for all drives.

          If an option is listed twice, the second instance replaces
          the first.

          /sbin/hdparm is not run unless a block of the form:

          DEV {




     Page 1                    Stephen Gran          (printed 5/26/22)

     hdparm.conf(5)          (August 10, 2005)          hdparm.conf(5)

          exists.  This blocks will cause /sbin/hdparm OPTIONS DEV to
          be run.  Where OPTIONS is the concatenation of all options
          previously defined outside of a block and all options
          defined with in the block.

          See man 8 hdparm

          hdparm was written by Mark Lord <mlord@pobox.com>.  The ini-
          tial manual page was created by Stephen Gran
          <sgran@debian.org> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may
          be used by others).

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