NANORC(5)                (version 5.8 )                 NANORC(5)

          nanorc - GNU nano's configuration file

          The nanorc files contain the default settings for nano, a
          small and friendly editor.  During startup, if --rcfile is
          not given, nano will read two files: first the system-wide
          settings, from /etc/nanorc (the exact path might be
          different on your system), and then the user-specific
          settings, either from ~/.nanorc or from
          $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/nano/nanorc or from ~/.config/nano/nanorc,
          whichever is encountered first.  If --rcfile is given, nano
          will read just the specified settings file.

          Since version 4.0, nano by default:

              +o does not automatically hard-wrap lines that become
              +o includes the line below the title bar in the editing
              +o does linewise (smooth) scrolling.

          To get the old, Pico behavior back, you can use set
          breaklonglines, set emptyline, and set jumpyscrolling.

          The configuration file accepts a series of set and unset
          commands, which can be used to configure nano on startup
          without using command-line options.  Additionally, there are
          some commands to define syntax highlighting and to rebind
          keys -- see the two separate sections on those.  nano reads
          one command per line.  All commands and keywords should be
          written in lowercase.

          Options in nanorc files take precedence over nano's
          defaults, and command-line options override nanorc settings.
          Also, options that do not take an argument are unset by
          default.  So using the unset command is only needed when
          wanting to override a setting of the system's nanorc file in
          your own nanorc.  Options that take an argument cannot be

          Quotes inside the characters  parameters below should not be
          escaped.  The last double quote on the line will be seen as
          the closing quote.

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     NANORC(5)                (version 5.8 )                 NANORC(5)

          The supported commands and arguments are:

          set afterends
             Make Ctrl+Right and Ctrl+Delete stop at word ends instead
             of beginnings.

          set allow_insecure_backup
             When backing up files, allow the backup to succeed even
             if its permissions can't be (re)set due to special OS
             considerations.  You should NOT enable this option unless
             you are sure you need it.

          set atblanks
             When soft line wrapping is enabled, make it wrap lines at
             blank characters (tabs and spaces) instead of always at
             the edge of the screen.

          set autoindent
             Automatically indent a newly created line to the same
             number of tabs and/or spaces as the previous line (or as
             the next line if the previous line is the beginning of a

          set backup
             When saving a file, create a backup file by adding a
             tilde (~) to the file's name.

          set backupdir directory
             Make and keep not just one backup file, but make and keep
             a uniquely numbered one every time a file is saved --
             when backups are enabled with set backup or --backup or
             -B.  The uniquely numbered files are stored in the speci-
             fied directory.

          set boldtext
             Use bold instead of reverse video for the title bar, sta-
             tus bar, key combos, function tags, line numbers, and
             selected text.  This can be overridden by setting the
             options titlecolor, statuscolor, keycolor, functioncolor,
             numbercolor, and selectedcolor.

          set bookstyle
             When justifying, treat any line that starts with whites-
             pace as the beginning of a paragraph (unless auto-
             indenting is on).

          .rm ]B

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