sane-artec(5)             (11 Jul 2008)             sane-artec(5)

          sane-artec - SANE backend for Artec flatbed scanners

          The sane-artec library implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now
          Easy) backend that provides access to Artec/Ultima SCSI
          flatbed scanners.  At present, the following scanners are
          known to work at least partially with this backend:

               * Artec A6000C
               * Artec A6000C PLUS
               * Artec ViewStation AT3
               * BlackWidow BW4800SP (rebadged Artec AT3)
               * Artec ViewStation AT6
               * Artec ViewStation AT12
               * Artec AM12S
               * Plustek 19200S (rebadged Artec AM12S)

          Although this manual page is generally updated with each
          release, up-to-date information on new releases and extrane-
          ous helpful hints are available from the backend homepage:

          The contents of the artec.conf file are a list of device
          names that correspond to Artec scanners.  Empty lines and
          lines starting with a hash mark (#) are ignored.  See
          sane-scsi(5) on details of what constitutes a valid device

          Sample file:
          # artec.conf
          # this is a comment.
          # this line says search for any SCSI devices which are scanners and have
          #     a vendor string of 'ULTIMA'
          scsi ULTIMA
          # the next line forces the backend to assume the next scanner found has
          #     the specified vendor string (useful for testing rebadged models).
          vendor ULTIMA
          # the next line forces the backend to assume the next scanner found has
          #     the specified model string (useful for testing rebadged models).
          model AT3

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     sane-artec(5)             (11 Jul 2008)             sane-artec(5)

          # now a line that actually specifies a device.  The backend is going to
          #     assume this is an Artec/Ultima AT3 because we forced the vendor and
          #     model above.
          # once we hit a scanner device line, the forced vendor and model
          # string are
          #     'forgotten', so the vendor and model for this next device will be
          #     determined from the result of a SCSI inquiry.

          Some Artec scanners come with an included SCSI adapter.  If
          your scanner came with a DTC ISA scsi cards, you can proba-
          bly use it with recent (>= 2.2.0) kernels using the generic
          NCR5380 support.  You must pass the following boot argument
          to the kernel: "dtc3181e=0x2c0,0"
          I do not have any information on the PCI SCSI adapter
          included with some newer Artec scanners.

               The backend configuration file (see also description of
               SANE_CONFIG_DIR below).

               The static library implementing this backend.

               The shared library implementing this backend (present
               on systems that support dynamic loading).

               This environment variable specifies the list of direc-
               tories that may contain the configuration file.  Under
               UNIX, the directories are separated by a colon (`:'),
               under OS/2, they are separated by a semi- colon (`;').
               If this variable is not set, the configuration file is
               searched in two default directories: first, the current
               working direc- tory (".") and then in /etc/sane.d. If
               the value of the environment variable ends with the
               directory separator character, then the default direc-
               tories are searched after the explicitly specified
               directories.  For example, setting SANE_CONFIG_DIR to
               "/tmp/config:" would result in directories tmp/config,
               ., and /etc/sane.d being searched (in this order).

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     sane-artec(5)             (11 Jul 2008)             sane-artec(5)

               If the library was compiled with debug support enabled,
               this environment variable controls the debug level for
               this backend. E.g., a value of 128 requests all debug
               output to be printed. Smaller levels reduce verbosity:
               SANE_DEBUG_ARTEC values:

               Number  Remark
                0       print important errors
                1       print errors
                2       print sense
                3       print warnings
                4       print scanner-inquiry
                5       print information
                6       print less important information
                7       print major called procedures
                8       print all called procedures
                9       print procedure info/data messages
                10      print called sane-init-routines
                11      print called sane-procedures
                12      print sane infos
                13      print sane option-control messages
                50      print verbose data/debug messages
                == 100  print software RGB calibration data
                == 101  print raw data from scanner to file
                == 128  print out all messages

          Example: export SANE_DEBUG_ARTEC=13

          Known bugs in this release: A6000C+ users with firmware
          v1.92 or earlier have problems with the backend, the cause
          has not been determined.  Sometimes the backend is not par-
          ticularly robust, you can possibly lock up the SCSI bus
          (and/or machine) by not having patience enough when scan-
          ning.  3-channel gamma correction is not implemented and
          single-channel gamma correction is not totally working on
          models other than the AT3.

          sane(7), sane-scsi(5)

          Chris Pinkham <>

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