discover-pkgintsall(8)                     discover-pkgintsall(8)

          discover-pkginstall - intsall packages for available
          hardware using discover(1)

          discover-pkginstall [-l]  [-n]  [-v]

          discover-pkginstall install packages based on detected
          hardware.  It will use the discover-data database to map for
          hardware to debian packages, install the packages by
          default.  Packages using module-assistant will be
          automatically built and the result installed if module-
          assistant is installed or pulled in as a dependency.

          -l        Only list the detected packages

          -n        Echo the aptitude and module-assistant invocations
                    instead of running them.

          -v        Be verbose.

     See Also
          aptitude(8), discover(1), module-assistant(8)

     Page 1                       Plan 9             (printed 5/24/22)