GRUB-REBOOT(8)             (July 2021)             GRUB-REBOOT(8)

          grub-reboot - set the default boot entry for GRUB, for the
          next boot only

          grub-reboot [,OPTION/] ,MENU_ENTRY/

          Set the default boot menu entry for GRUB, for the next boot

          -h, --help
               print this message and exit

          -V, --version
               print the version information and exit

               expect GRUB images under the directory DIR/grub instead
               of the ,/boot/grub/ directory

          MENU_ENTRY is a number, a menu item title or a menu item
          identifier. Please note that menu items in submenus or
          sub-submenus require specifying the submenu components and
          then the menu item component. The titles should be separated
          using the greater-than character (>) with no extra spaces.
          Depending on your shell some characters including > may need
          escaping. More information about this is available in the
          GRUB Manual in the section about the 'default' command.

          NOTE: In cases where GRUB cannot write to the environment
          block, such as when it is stored on an MDRAID or LVM device,
          the chosen boot menu entry will remain the default even
          after reboot.

          Report bugs to <>.

          grub-set-default(8), grub-editenv(1)

          The full documentation for grub-reboot is maintained as a
          Texinfo manual.  If the info and grub-reboot programs are
          properly installed at your site, the command

               info grub-reboot

          should give you access to the complete manual.

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