IP-ADDRLABEL(8)           (20 Dec 2011)           IP-ADDRLABEL(8)

          ip-addrlabel - protocol address label management

          ip addrlabel  { COMMAND | help }

          ip addrlabel { add | del } PREFIX [ dev DEV ] [  label
                  NUMBER ]

          ip addrlabel { list | flush }

          IPv6 address labels are used for address selection; they are
          described in RFC 3484. Precedence is managed by userspace,
          and only the label itself is stored in the kernel.

        ip addrlabel add - add an
          add an address label entry to the kernel.

          prefix PREFIX

          dev DEV
               the outgoing interface.

          label NUMBER
               the label for the prefix.  0xffffffff is reserved.

        ip addrlabel del - delete an
          delete an address label entry from the kernel.  Arguments:
          coincide with the arguments of ip addrlabel add but the
          label is not required.

        ip addrlabel list - list address
          list the current address label entries in the kernel.

        ip addrlabel flush - flush address
          flush all address labels in the kernel. This does not
          restore any default settings.


          Manpage by Yoshifuji Hideaki / 吉藤英明

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