IP-MROUTE(8)              (13 Dec 2012)              IP-MROUTE(8)

          ip-mroute - multicast routing cache management

          ip mroute show [ [  to  ] PREFIX ] [  from PREFIX ] [  iif
                  DEVICE ] [  table TABLE_ID ]

          mroute objects are multicast routing cache entries created
          by a user-level mrouting daemon (f.e.  pimd or mrouted ).

          Due to the limitations of the current interface to the mul-
          ticast routing engine, it is impossible to change mroute
          objects administratively, so we can only display them. This
          limitation will be removed in the future.

        ip mroute show - list mroute
          to PREFIX (default)
               the prefix selecting the destination multicast
               addresses to list.

          iif NAME
               the interface on which multicast packets are received.

          from PREFIX
               the prefix selecting the IP source addresses of the
               multicast route.

          table TABLE_ID
               the table id selecting the multicast table. It can be
               local, main, default,


          Original Manpage by Michail Litvak <mci@owl.openwall.com>

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