opendkim-importstats(8)<(/Tah>e Trusted Domain Projopendkim-importstats(8)

          opendkim-importstats - OpenDKIM statistics import tool

          opendkim-importstats [options]

          opendkim-importstats imports collected OpenDKIM operational
          statistics into an SQL database.  Statistics are collected
          by the opendkim(8) filter into a local file and can be out-
          put in a tabulated format by the opendkim-stats(8) tool.
          See their respective manual pages for further information.

          The same file is used as the input to this program, which
          processes it for insertion into an SQL database.  The data
          are expected on standard input.

          Long option names may be available depending on the
          compile-time environment for the tool.

          -d name
               (or --dbname=name) Specifies the name of the SQL data-
               base into which records should be imported.  The
               default is opendkim.

          -E   Abort on certain errors, such as unknown input record
               types, improper field counts, etc., rather than contin-

          -F   When a malformed line is detected in the input, write
               the parsed data to standard error.

          -h host
               (or --dbhost=host) Names the host to which an SQL con-
               nection should be made.  The default is "localhost".

          -m   Input is in the form of an email message, so do not
               start processing input until a blank line is encoun-

          -P port
               (or --dbport=port) Names the port to which an SQL con-
               nection should be made.  The default is determined by
               the scheme in use (see below).

          -p password
               (or --dbpasswd=password) Specifies the password that
               should be used to authenticate to the SQL database.

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     opendkim-importstats(8)<(/Tah>e Trusted Domain Projopendkim-importstats(8)

               The default is no password.

          -r   Don't automatically add unknown reporters to the data-

          -S   Don't skip duplicate message records and their associ-
               ated signatures.

          -s scheme
               (or --dbscheme=scheme) Specifies the SQL scheme (back-
               end) to be used to access the SQL database database.
               The default is "yes".

          -u user
               (or --dbuser=user) Specifies the user that should be
               used to authenticate to the SQL database.  The default
               is opendkim.

          -v   Increase verbosity of the output.

          -x   Apply schema extension records.

          This man page covers the version of opendkim-importstats
          that shipped with version 2.11.0 of OpenDKIM.

          Copyright (c) 2010-2012, 2015, The Trusted Domain Project.
          All rights reserved.

          opendkim(8), opendkim.conf(5)

          RFC6376 - DomainKeys Identified Mail

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