RDMA-SYSTEM(8)            (06 Jul 2017)            RDMA-SYSTEM(8)

          rdma-system - RDMA subsystem configuration

          rdma [ OPTIONS ] sys  { COMMAND | help }

          OPTIONS := {  -V[ersion] | -d[etails] }

          rdma system show

          rdma system set netns NEWMODE

          rdma system help

        rdma system set - set RDMA
        rdma system show - display RDMA
          NEWMODE - specifies the RDMA subsystem mode. Either exclu-
          sive or shared.  When user wants to assign dedicated RDMA
          device to a particular network namespace, exclusive mode
          should be set before creating any network namespace. If
          there are active network namespaces and if one or more RDMA
          devices exist, changing mode from shared to exclusive
          returns error code EBUSY.

          When RDMA subsystem is in shared mode, RDMA device is acces-
          sible in all network namespace. When RDMA device isolation
          among multiple network namespaces is not needed, shared mode
          can be used.

          It is preferred to not change the subsystem mode when there
          is active RDMA traffic running, even though it is supported.

          rdma system show
              Shows the state of RDMA subsystem network namespace mode
              on the system.

          rdma system set netns exclusive
              Sets the RDMA subsystem in network namespace exclusive
              mode. In this mode RDMA devices are visible only in sin-
              gle network namespace.

          rdma system set netns shared
              Sets the RDMA subsystem in network namespace shared
              mode. In this mode RDMA devices are shared among network

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     RDMA-SYSTEM(8)            (06 Jul 2017)            RDMA-SYSTEM(8)

          rdma(8), rdma-link(8), rdma-resource(8),
          network_namespaces(7), namespaces(7),

          Parav Pandit <parav@mellanox.com>

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