SYNAPTIC(8)               (Mar 4, 2004)               SYNAPTIC(8)

          synaptic - graphical management of software packages

          synaptic [options]

          Synaptic is a frontend for the apt package managent system.
          It allows you to perform all actions of the command line
          tool apt-get in a graphical environemnt. This includes
          installing, upgrading, downgrading  and removing of single
          packages or even upgrading your whole system.

          A manual with detailed instructions can be found in the help
          menu of Synaptic.

          Synaptic accepts all of the standard Gtk+ toolkit command
          line options as well as the following:

          -f, --filter-file=filename
               specify an alternative filter settings file

          -i, --initial-filter=int
               apply the filter with number int at startup

          -o, --option=option
               set an internal option (experts only)

          Synaptic was originally developed by Alfredo K. Kojima
          <>. His last official release was
          0.16. Michael Vogt <> took over his CVS
          version, that already included a nearly complete port to
          Gtk+. Michael completed the port and added new features. See
          the NEWS file for the user visible changes from that point
          on. Conectiva is still involved in the development of
          synaptic. Gustavo Niemeyer <> is doing
          a great deal of work.

          All development is done at

          This manual page was originally written by Wybo Dekker
          <> and Michael Vogt <> and
          modified by Sebastian Heinlein

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     SYNAPTIC(8)               (Mar 4, 2004)               SYNAPTIC(8)

          Copyright  (C)  2001-2004 Conectiva S/A

          Copyright  (C)  2002-2004 Michael Vogt

          There is NO warranty. You may redistribute this software
          under the terms of  the  GNU General  Public License.  For
          more information about these matters, see the files named

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