systemd-networkd-wait-online.service, systemd-networkd-
          wait-online - Wait for network to come online



          systemd-networkd-wait-online is a oneshot system service
          (see systemd.service(5)), that waits for the network to be
          configured. By default, it will wait for all links it is
          aware of and which are managed by systemd-
          networkd.service(8) to be fully configured or failed, and
          for at least one link to be online. Here, online means that
          the link's operational state is equal or higher than
          "degraded". The threshold can be configured by
          --operational-state= option.

          The following options are understood:

              Network interface to wait for before deciding if the
              system is online. This is useful when a system has
              several interfaces which will be configured, but a
              particular one is necessary to access some network
              resources. When used, all other interfaces are ignored.
              This option may be used more than once to wait for
              multiple network interfaces. When this option is
              specified multiple times, then
              systemd-networkd-wait-online waits for all specified
              interfaces to be online. Optionally, required minimum
              and maximum operational states can be specified after a
              colon ":". Please see networkctl(1) for possible
              operational states. If the operational state is not
              specified here, then the value from RequiredForOnline=
              in the corresponding .network file is used if present,
              and "degraded" otherwise.

              Network interfaces to be ignored when deciding if the
              system is online. By default, only the loopback
              interface is ignored. This option may be used more than
              once to ignore multiple network interfaces.


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              Takes a minimum operational state and an optional
              maximum operational state. Please see networkctl(1) for
              possible operational states. If set, the specified value
              overrides RequiredForOnline= settings in .network files.
              But this does not override operational states specified
              in --interface= option.

              Even if several interfaces are in configuring state,
              systemd-networkd-wait-online exits with success when at
              least one interface becomes online. When this option is
              specified with --interface=, then
              systemd-networkd-wait-online waits for one of the
              specified interfaces to be online. This option is useful
              when some interfaces may not have carrier on boot.

              Fail the service if the network is not online by the
              time the timeout elapses. A timeout of 0 disables the
              timeout. Defaults to 120 seconds.

          -q, --quiet
              Suppress log messages.

          -h, --help
              Print a short help text and exit.

              Print a short version string and exit.

          systemd(1), systemd.service(5), systemd-networkd.service(8),

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