TOR-INSTANCE-CREAT(8)     (08/22/2021)      TOR-INSTANCE-CREAT(8)

          tor-instance-create - Set up a new tor instance

          tor-instance-create instance_name

          The Tor Debian package supports running multiple instances
          of the Tor daemon. This can be useful if you want to run
          multiple relays or bridge relays on a single system, of if
          you want to provide a hidden service in addition to running
          a relay.

          tor-instance-create is the tool that creates a new instance
          of Tor on a Debian system. In particular, it creates a new
          UNIX user with a home directory and a mostly empty tor
          configuration file.

          The new user and group are named _tor-instance_name. The
          usercqs home directory, which is also the DataDirectory of
          the new tor instance, is
          /var/lib/tor-instances/instance_name. The configuration file
          for that instance is /etc/tor/instances/instance_name/torrc.
          Logs go to syslog by default.

          To start this new service, use systemctl start
          tor@instance_name. Stopping, restarting, and reloading the
          config works accordingly. Stopping/Starting/.. the tor
          service should affect all instances. The "main" instance
          which lives in /var/lib/tor and has /etc/tor/torrc as its
          configuration file is known to systemd as tor@default.

          There currently is no tor-instance-remove script. To remove
          an instance, delete the user and its homedirectory once you
          are convinced there are no files or processes on your system
          still owned by that user. Then also remove the corresponding
          directory tree in /etc/tor/instances.


              Peter Palfrader

          Peter Palfrader

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