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Uncle qorg recommends: Don't buy anything from the onion sites offering commercial services here. As they're scams. And I'm too lazy to delete them.

ID Name Email Comment Country Date
982ballmaster17 hijueputa se pira de vuelta a puta finlandia antes de q llegue yo Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-23
981Fear UwU Tor! Czech Republic 2022-07-22
980NIGGERS NEED TO DIE! >>964 what the fuck?? NIGGER NIGGER PEDOPHILE SHITSKIN!!!! Tor! Niger 2022-07-21
979Gargamel just on a voyage Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-20
978drogo Hiii Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-20
977Based Butcher HH Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-20
976shooterxshootokill[at) GLOCK 26 gen 5 Caliber: 9mm Length: 165 mm (6.5") Cartridge: 9x19 mm .. $700 T el e g r a m or W i c k r @ S h o o t o k i l l Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-20
975shootokillshootokill[at) GLOCK 19 gen 5 Caliber: 9mm Length: 185 mm Cartridge: 9x19 mm .. $500.00 T el e g r a m or W i c k r @ S h o o t o k i l l Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-20
974fat ballsfatballs[at)fat.balls fat balls Tor! Bulgaria 2022-07-20
973fireboss hi Tor! Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-19
972PR02072 hello Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-19
971AnymnGhostAnymnGhost[at) * Oii I was here fam * Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-18
970grid hi) Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-18
969nash1 >>1 get the bottom quicker Australia 2022-07-17
968glownigger god damn guys a nigger fucked my mom what do i do Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-16
967Kyosenixcrumbs[at) Domain names cost money :'( United Kingdom 2022-07-16
966cgla[at)e.i.o.u its hot here Anonymous Country 2022-07-16
965Jack Jack was here Tor! Chad 2022-07-15
964Sandy I like pedo contents Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-15
963harry the blaze remember me... Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-15
962klyde heyyyy Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-15
961peter johnsonlord[at) nice site you have here... fuсk yeah Anonymous Country 2022-07-07
960des oh yea Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-06
959Vantex install Fedora Tor! Romania 2022-07-05
958Ceb honestly ur kinda hot Tor! Isle of Man 2022-07-05
957Cebstupid[at) i just wanted to be included, im with poobie and semenfart Tor! Albania 2022-07-05
956Semenfartsemen[at) are your balls 7 inches or 777 Tor! American Samoa 2022-07-05
955Poobie feet pics? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-05
954nixkat Huh, dig the theme. Your css on this page needs work tho. Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-05
953Joe Love Biden I can't afford gas :( United States 2022-07-04
952rando001 You never explained why use Emacs over Vim Malta 2022-07-04
951Alex Haaahaaa Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-07-04
950tsuki t extraño Anonymous Country 2022-07-03
949ecmfgl Nice website. Tor! Poland 2022-07-03
948Meinhof i like your website Tor! Germany 2022-07-02
947volta fuck u Anonymous Country 2022-07-01
946sigma malesigma[at) i really like your site Anonymous Country 2022-06-29
945Alexi This is a cool site. :) Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-28
944Elohim rejectionlaurens-n[at) hoi from NL Netherlands 2022-06-28
943greens Gay Anonymous Country 2022-06-27
942CAPTCHA solver wanted! I am testing how solvable my CAPTCHA is. Please try to solve it. Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-26
941wolfdesroyerfbi[at) I might be bi United States 2022-06-26
940ProfessorPi This place is neat. Thank you. Anonymous Country 2022-06-26
939CrashTest CrashTest rocks Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-25
938Newbie Hello, visit me 2ack2qidahywoes3ujp2wglpqz5p3lgppbnyl7rqenjetoy6nc4q.b32.i2p Anonymous Country 2022-06-25
937test rip jstark1809 Tor! France 2022-06-24
936redditorperson[at) hi i found this on reddit. u seem cool. but why bothr with pale moon? that browser sucks and so does its gay furry creator Australia 2022-06-24
935WARNING :( >Shut the fuck up. Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-24
934qorg11 >>933 Se llama El Líbano donde nació este tipo Anonymous Country 2022-06-23
933rebe zilberman suck my big cock goyim Anonymous Country 2022-06-23
932sex haver I just had sex Chad 2022-06-22
931lmaocia[at) i love your site Anonymous Country 2022-06-22
930L yo Viet Nam 2022-06-20
929i don't know hello Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-19
928Ellie found this from a webring, pretty cool site I like United States 2022-06-19
927dedud cool site Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-19
926long schlongsson great website! love from sweden Tor! Sweden 2022-06-18
925qorg11 >>924 Northern lights is a strain that I've never had tried. But you should find another hobby than spreading shit in the internet. Anonymous Country 2022-06-18
924Northern Light 1488 Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-18
923Artchadartchad[at) I'm totally not using this as an advertisement. Anonymous Country 2022-06-17
922subz3r0 based site, bro United States 2022-06-16
921jjssdd nothin Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-15
920ayyyy can you spare me some drugsss Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-14
919hit me get dizzy My lonely island 2022-06-14
918qorg >>917 I hate israel Anonymous Country 2022-06-13
917Rabbi Shekelsteinbergnwo[at) ay vey, this site is great. But why isn't Israel in the country list? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-13
916focus only help bro. I'm very tensed I don't think so what can I do. Tor! India 2022-06-12
915Focusanuragsaith[at) hey qorg can you help me for some funds I'm helpless I need some money. Tor! India 2022-06-12
914qorg11 >>913 la mili la mili la miliii Equatorial Guinea 2022-06-12
913someone can you hack my insta account ? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-12
912how connect internet you have succesfully log on to internet! Anonymous Country 2022-06-12
911SINI I am in your walls Tor! Australia 2022-06-10
910alex hello :) Ukraine 2022-06-10
909pony Frienship is Magic, my friend! Anonymous Country 2022-06-10
908w3b hello fellow friend Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-09
907brutus you can never escape the botnet Tor! Holy See (Vatican City State) 2022-06-09
906qorg11 wew, sorry, posting here should be fixed now Anonymous Country 2022-06-09
905FSS THE FINE SITE SCAM VS LEGIT CHECK REAL TIME http://ufxunp5q7ztnvvntqghyiocai4tboi634n5q5ennhfkz3qpsxk5kluqd.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-06
904Harry McKirdy VAMOS Tor! Afghanistan 2022-06-05
903L'eucalipto your website is so interesting. Also kill-9 is so good! Italy 2022-06-05
902qorg test Anonymous Country 2022-06-05
901spoof Spoof Email Sender http://xbnq7qdtyujja4447zeyhiiw32psvw3kbeeznvfrgqmvgj2crjxl43ad.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-04
900cc Cards Vbv and Non Vbv http://xohzcaenimrdb4p2anhqwgqch5n5whbvortjiesh444bjcj4vam5uuid.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-04
899orez The Orez Real Dark web GAME http://fioybkkbvsoxolxxqsf4ricldoee3inmqke22xd7orgfnr3jpir2qbid.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-04
898dweb Dark Web Earn Business  http://ymvpgubsivi75z3ecgrd6vgv3xoqypuf7sdheta3zfadvbmi5sh26iyd.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-04
897platinum I love my boyfriend Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-03
896yoo yooo Yo 2022-06-02
895marshall[ Hey, I'm here. Nice site btw. Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-06-01
894grglcr pee and poop Anonymous Country 2022-06-01
893$name $comment I2P! $country 2022-05-31
892$name $comment I2P! $country 2022-05-31
891cc Cards Vbv and Non Vbv http://xohzcaenimrdb4p2anhqwgqch5n5whbvortjiesh444bjcj4vam5uuid.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-31
890orez The Orez Real Dark web GAME http://fioybkkbvsoxolxxqsf4ricldoee3inmqke22xd7orgfnr3jpir2qbid.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-31
889dweb Dark Web Earn Business  http://ymvpgubsivi75z3ecgrd6vgv3xoqypuf7sdheta3zfadvbmi5sh26iyd.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-31
888some1somwhere hey? i have never signed an online guestbook. i guess i was here Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-30
887Historian its easyyy this shit is easy 2022-05-30
886qorg11 If you think inspecting element is an exploit. Please check your definition of exploit. Spain 2022-05-30
885hey how come that exploit didnt work for me 2022-05-30
884Carrie Hello! I like your website uwu Tor! this is an easy exploit, you should try and fix it :3 2022-05-29
883Carrie Hello! I like your website uwu Tor! this is an easy exploit, you should try and fix it :3 2022-05-29
882dark devil hloo guys Tor! Aruba 2022-05-29
881dark daevil teach me hacking Tor! Afghanistan 2022-05-29
880what id880 Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-28
879qorg11 running i2p on openbsd :D I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-05-26
878qorg11 Migrated the server to OpenBSD. Anonymous Country 2022-05-26
877jcid OY VEY SIRS please use the DILLO web browser. it's best browser, free from google mozilla botnet Chile 2022-05-24
876Allison Wick conatct wizcyber on wickr if you need a hacker Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-24
875qorg11 test I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-05-24
874Thunder120 Hola, hay alguien quien conozca una pagina donde se hable de los BACKROOMS? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-24
873shashkwatch To the guy who was looking for free fire diamods, do the needful. India 2022-05-23
872anon98 i fucking hate hispanics Tor! Russian Federation 2022-05-23
871loijunloijunator[at) glory to the darknet Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-22
870san searching for free fire cheap diamonds Tor! India 2022-05-22
869loll looks interesting Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-22
868nb >866 *siblings Anonymous Country 2022-05-22
867qorg11 test Anonymous Country 2022-05-21
866killer panda brothers/sisters life sucks i just wanna end it Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-20
865Vericu Am bmv Tor! Cook Islands 2022-05-19
864Xox Fake Spoof Email Sender http://hxoddho4opnfvwieesqtjmblaltazvkp3fqfgawauzsex76q2jsxkqyd.onion/ Credit Cards With High Balance http://7o6orgwyysbpulgsgzzda34zh6jmmtpq77ts2dag6si24yh72chkpaad.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-19
863name h1 Anonymous Country 2022-05-18
862Adolf Hitler >>858 who the fuck uses word >darknet Anonymous Country 2022-05-18
861gren4209 hay man Tor! Andorra 2022-05-18
860mastsky023 wuz hare Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-18
859just_dead dryon Anonymous Country 2022-05-17
858qorg11 >>857 Nazis are stupid enough not to know how to use a darknet. Couldn't be known. Anonymous Country 2022-05-17
857Adolf Hitler sieg heil! Germany 2022-05-17
856not L4RVIs how to install a windows without keys ?? Anonymous Country 2022-05-17
855L4RVIs how to start a car without keys ?? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-16
854Pie! Hi Uncle Gorg! Tor! United States 2022-05-16
853nob hola Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-15
852www the dark web youtube lottery legit http://jvgbejq3d3pjimrg4f2bq4qqwqaaie3h3q3ooudkf4szaxrzckeo4pqd.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-15
851mtwmtw[at) tor onion Hosting in $50 for 2 Years Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-15
850yo saludos ddsde lima peru Kazakhstan 2022-05-15
849aabgiogmdlkfbdfbmvd Calls himself a leftist, calls women he doesn't like bitches. Hypocrite much. Go back to the right, we don't want yo Peru 2022-05-15
848bapotus[at) hungry Tor! peenis 2022-05-14
847// nice blog Tor! Ukraine 2022-05-14
846someone this guestbook is getting so long Anonymous Country 2022-05-13
845me I want to join Canada 2022-05-13
844Mtwmtw[at) only Facebook id hacking and Phone Hacking also Tor hosting available email me Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-13
843janekkontakt[at) (ツ) Tor! Poland 2022-05-12
842cope Copenhagen. Seethen. Dilatada Sur Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-11
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840qorg >>838 I smoke hash and i fuck a bitch, I smoke more hash and i fuck another bitch, If tobacco was a bitch i'd marry her Anonymous Country 2022-05-11
839nullity uwu im associwating wiff scawy cwimminal on da dawk spooky web owo Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-11
838Chad Calls himself a leftist, calls women he doesn't like bitches. Hypocrite much. Go back to the right, we don't want you Chad 2022-05-10
837Chad HE HAS A SHRINKING Y CHROMOSOME!!! LMAO!!!! Tor! Chad 2022-05-10
836Jellibee I run Gentoo Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-10
835darkaxe4 F Albania 2022-05-08
834Drop The princess is in another castle Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-08
833him odd Tor! Holy See (Vatican City State) 2022-05-07
832chess :) Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-06
831skullius 4 is a test Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-05
830skullius hi.I'm new to this dw scene. can somebody show me some tips or perhaps useful sites ? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-05
829skullius so this how it works? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-05
828skullius 4 Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-05
827oo ant why i am here Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-05
826DeepInTheBunker hiiiiiiiii I2P! United States 2022-05-05
825Momo I was here Anonymous Country 2022-05-04
824kominokomino[at) i <3 you qorgie ^w^ Sweden 2022-05-04
823duck yo Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-05-04
822qorg11 >>821 moved to /blog I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-05-01
821wlapsgrncaht why did you remove /trashyard smh Anonymous Country 2022-05-01
820Secret Society Devils Secret Society http://yknbrx7zodg6uqi4fyl7tr6d3d5xklgq6d5qfsjem2b6bl2lniz7xeid.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-30
819Credit Cards Credit card with high balance http://7o6orgwyysbpulgsgzzda34zh6jmmtpq77ts2dag6si24yh72chkpaad.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-30
818Documents Documents scans http://7ngmhsoygybxojbgbi6wilt3perplqmd4qnanuk5oa2lhlea2cvbhvad.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-30
817Spooef mail Fake sppof email sendwr http://xbnq7qdtyujja4447zeyhiiw32psvw3kbeeznvfrgqmvgj2crjxl43ad.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-30
816nox1osnox1os[at) You are really inspiring, tho sometimes you are toooooo insane in some "sucks" definitions. Thx for ur blogs! Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-26
815Erased see you soon Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-26
814NaNK G Smelly fart (P.U.)!!!! Tor! Argentina 2022-04-25
813pirate nice web service :) Turkey 2022-04-24
812555jcb cool place Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-23
811<3 hi I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-04-23
810Anonymous HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi Anonymous Country 2022-04-22
809bruh Ayo India 2022-04-21
808�GDiam�nd3x187death160u[at) loved the site💯 Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-21
807Megan Fisher agujero de asno Tor! United States 2022-04-21
806stektrek2stektrek[at) i'm back in town mfs Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-20
805cf frt ce faci frt Romania 2022-04-18
804.yh_hat_trick#7452netherfail04[at) 2 in the morning. I love you all as we love lain :) United States 2022-04-18
803Drink_Water i like music Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-17
802cgl modern computer evil I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-04-16
801danny kuupa danny Tor! Bahamas 2022-04-16
800hunue hello Tor! Poland 2022-04-15
799Doozy lerner Tor! Uganda 2022-04-14
798ZiggPi69 Che'-ba Anonymous Country 2022-04-14
797FREE CP HERE ` I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-04-13
796277353 if U see this, u have a giant cock Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-13
795Anonymous I see we are still living in here. Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-13
794The goat man A really cool picture of a goat! Tor! Antarctica 2022-04-12
793ikea a fork with three tines are the best bcuz all good thigz are tree Tor! Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands 2022-04-12
792UnfairTikiunfairtiki[at) good stuff Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-10
791lemontocjo[at) spurdo sparde uses crt monitors Estonia 2022-04-10
790Vladimir Putin Zа наших! Russian Federation 2022-04-10
789Gadagast the Brown If everyone would take LSD we had no wars Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-10
788someone ur mom says this is cool site Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-09
787Vivus 1:29pm cet 4/9/2022 I was here :] Tor! Chad 2022-04-09
786kal i am gonna make ir Anonymous Country 2022-04-07
785anon i love you I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-04-05
784jtl great work pal Anonymous Country 2022-04-03
783jingujingu[at) don't know who you are, but cool site! Tor! Sweden 2022-04-03
782sussy_wussy69 Guys he's the impostor! I saw him vent! vote red guys he the impostor he SUS Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-04-02
781/diethyl/ Thank you for your blogs and thansk to tom from digdeeper too. Also, thanks to eldritchdata. Nepal 2022-03-30
780isqi 1021 Tor! China 2022-03-29
779Horus newbie Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-29
778ophanim i didn't mean pale moon, i meant void linux, but why would you put a bomb in my mailbox!! Anonymous Country 2022-03-29
777Rain rawr xD Anonymous Country 2022-03-29
776/ourguy/ fuck Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-28
775qorg11's mom This site is boring and should provide something fun for us. ASAP! :( Tor! Ukraine 2022-03-28
774sgwry Nice website I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-03-28
773use Tor ;-) Tor! Saint Kitts and Nevis 2022-03-28
772ophanimophanim777[at) you pushed me to mess with linux, but pale moon is hard to navigate, so I went with manjaro, though it looks pretty similar to yours in aesthetics Anonymous Country 2022-03-28
771Donbass live more Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-27
770bladee draaaaaaaain ganaaggg Tor! American Samoa 2022-03-27
769tarma qorg Argentina 2022-03-27
768deez nuts i love men Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-27
767rajeshterimummybhooooooo[at) very very good good site, I LOVE Tor! India 2022-03-26
766Joe Bidenjoe[at) hey it's me the president joe biden i just found out about the internet I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-03-25
765Wanobi Hi qorg11 do you have any cool link for me ? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-24
764gman whats up everyone Tor! United States 2022-03-24
763stektrek bro you trippin hard Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-23
762qorg11 >>761 whoops i removed it from the index, it is still in /darknet.xhtml I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-03-22
761nanon what happened to your darknet link list? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-22
760danggg hiii Tor! Hong Kong 2022-03-21
759Blade Hello lmao Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-21
758Wanobi anyone have a creepy website link please ? Tor! Zimbabwe 2022-03-20
757sunshine! nice looking Website! Tor! Tokelau 2022-03-20
756Wanobi very nice =) Tor! Zimbabwe 2022-03-19
755Ezekielo Cool websiteei !! Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-19
754patate uwu Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-19
753anon thank you for teaching about i2p! :D I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-03-19
752Semyaza humanity is dumb Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-19
751suns[at)u.n sun sun 2022-03-18
750asd asd Bahrain 2022-03-18
749BIKUA luv this ;3 Russian Federation 2022-03-17
748legendarybanano this is the first website on the hidden wiki that i have visited Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-16
747mii god is great Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-16
746anaximenes May you hack and prosper. Anonymous Country 2022-03-16
745Pangu For Prosperity Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-15
744mo3 love u till death sarra Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-15
743school chromebook this keyboard is shit Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-14
742Gft0 Hello Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-13
741Drachenlord Meddl Loide Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-13
740itzzenxx eye two pea I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-03-12
739jsiak hello Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-12
738jvouaimpa ok. Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-11
737slow browsing since 2020 Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-11
736J Helpful info for newbs like me Tor! United States 2022-03-11
735schizoguy I HATE NATO! I HATE NATO! I HATE NATO! Tor! Burkina Faso 2022-03-11
734Kirkygander bene Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-10
733Random guy Yoo i fucking love those websites, please we need more of these, fuck moronic "minimalistic" modern websites Poland 2022-03-09
732Typing_From_Jailthebasmentg[at) love your site Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-09
731lvjg idareyou Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-08
730emanuel lopesemanuelopes98[at) tu pagina*, perdon, no te estaba llamando femboy Chile 2022-03-08
729emanuel lopesemanuelopes98[at) me encanta tu vagina Chile 2022-03-08
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727ehsanehmirzaei1371[at) Hi, I managed to hack site I have the information of all the players from inventory to email, all of them are sold together if you want to send a message Anonymous Country 2022-03-08
726Robert Andrews No one supports me and I really have no one to help me Please support me for the sake of humanity. ETH & BSC : 0x93161Ea3E8BC60AaA7cdeec2F80801449574aDfe Anonymous Country 2022-03-08
725Bubbawuzhere Ayy Lmao United States 2022-03-08
724jwj212 cool site like the background Anonymous Country 2022-03-07
723ehsan12345678 please help me please: 0x93161Ea3E8BC60AaA7cdeec2F80801449574aDfe Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-06
722Billy Bob Poop Dick Hi! Tor! Latvia 2022-03-04
721mark zuck nice site Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-03
720qorg11 >>719 너 땜에 맘이 맘이 맘이 맘이 괴로워요 I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-03-03
719omanko おまんこおおおおおおおおおおおおおおお Anonymous Country 2022-03-03
718cgl your trashyard links are broken Anonymous Country 2022-03-02
717janonymous wassup everyone hope youre having a good day! Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-03-01
716Doug I really enjoy your views on the nu-web and such! Also you look exactly like what I imagined the guy who runs these sites to look like lol Anonymous Country 2022-03-01
715based yo please change Taiwan in the country list to "independent" Antarctica 2022-02-28
714qorg11 >>713 And with the 3 stars in Orion's Belt I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-02-28
713Qoiqoitheomega[at) pyramids of gizas coordinates are the same as lightspeed Tor! United States 2022-02-28
712CandyBr8k Heya Tor! United States 2022-02-28
711vutwexsage red color scheme was better Anonymous Country 2022-02-28
710chad your new color scheme is lovely but still inaccessible to sight-impaired people Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-28
709CumGuzzlergwaupgwaup6000[at) Thank you Tor! United States 2022-02-26
708Father Griddy yeet Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-26
707:33 UwU Notices your bulgie wulgie!!! Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-25
706cgl how is your eepsite so reachable United States 2022-02-25
705nyteblossom122 cute site! much lov for the freeweb Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-24
704Abimael Guzman Long live the People's wars in India, The Phillipines, and Peru! La liberacion del proletariado ya esta cerca :) Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-23[at) i did not do it Tor! Zimbabwe 2022-02-23
702Drizzy Drake I can't wait to make your hotline bling Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-23
701nerdbox nice site Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-22
700Joe Bidet Joe Biden Tor! United States 2022-02-21
699eeee ima sue walmart Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-21
698chinchin hm..... Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-20
697chinchin hm..... Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-20
696lilaxx 2022 still scamming Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-20
695quak aa Tor! test 2022-02-20
694 helo Tor! 2022-02-20
693k k Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-20
692JohnMclane lovely page Tor! Angola 2022-02-19
691Supra I love her Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-18
690cozy howdy fren! Anonymous Country 2022-02-18
689addd Fr1D0mIsn3ar Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-17
688Fwo wus dis Bahrain 2022-02-17
687`᷊᷊᷊᷊᷊᷊᷊ anyways Anonymous Country 2022-02-15
686 why do all the sites in this webring have lain on them. Anonymous Country 2022-02-15
685alinur Jorge Arellano Cid (creator of Dillo) was suicided by WHATWG in 2019. Sebastian Geerken (a core developer of Dillo) had the same fate 3 years before. Bulgaria 2022-02-15
684alinur I need to write a tor plugin for dillo Bulgaria 2022-02-13
683cgl sent from a nintendo 3ds connected to I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-02-13
682lifong Ena idc what you say. Python = God Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-13
681timy (real) based, also nice website(s) Tor! Estonia 2022-02-12
680FRA Hey, emr-0h7an :gigachad: Anonymous Country 2022-02-11
679root ima steal your website Tor! Iran, Islamic Republic of 2022-02-11
678rttnkalus un saludo :D Tor! Argentina 2022-02-11
677chad your website is unusable with monochrome on Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-11
676Celestial i like dark chocolate Anonymous Country 2022-02-10
675Z Cool site I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-02-10
674rwx025[at) woohoo! I love the internet! Anonymous Country 2022-02-09
673bigboy hey! un saludo desde espanya encontre esta web por casualidad y basicamente gracias. fuck gov Tor! Spain 2022-02-09
672cgl if iwp rocks then why didn't you say that through i2p I2P! United States 2022-02-09
671I2plguy I2p rocks!!!!!! United States 2022-02-08
670coldest_ragetest[at) Image Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-08
669Zeke hey tor! Tor! Lithuania 2022-02-08
668qwerty hey y'all Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-05
667Ric you need to teach me this stuff Tor! United States 2022-02-04
666Patrick check em! Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-03
665Xhon How can I host a website just like you qorg? I2P! Antarctica 2022-02-03
664glowie glowie here again. I continue to monitor this space for any activity relevant to my investigation. Tor! United States 2022-02-02
663eeveenos man im really bored in computer science class Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-02-02
662Will Smithwill[at) I know qorg's IP Algeria 2022-02-02
661Dinesh what is this for...hacking? Tor! India 2022-01-31
660Avery007 what is this for lol Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-01-30
659oi thnx Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-01-30
658danycat need a human punishment live link Tor! Iran, Islamic Republic of 2022-01-29
657dusky Bitch. Anonymous Country 2022-01-29
656MHGG Where Have the Teletubbies Gone? Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-01-29
655the man Trying out I2P for the first time, 5/5 bretty good :DDDD And thanks a lot for your good work and services too. Privacychads, stay strong. I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-01-29
654Nehuén Me encontré este sitio de casualidad, y ahora soy tu fan. Gracias por todo perdón por tan poco. Argentina 2022-01-27
653shioridcontact[at) catJAM Tor! Brazil 2022-01-26
652crow16815291 Logan Hess is a rapist lol Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-01-22
651myname hihicom ek 2022-01-22
650session try session messenger, hail lokinet! ez 2022-01-22
649session try session messenger, hail lokinet! ez 2022-01-22
648kade this message was sent from daedalOS (web browser in a web browser) Anonymous Country 2022-01-21
647Ty3r0Xty3r0x[at) I wonder if it's possible to make a guestbook on freenet I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-01-20
646cgl clearnet bad tor bad i2p good I2P! United States 2022-01-20
645La rata REMEMBER - LIFEWEB - NOVEMBER 13 - ENOCH - OLD WAYS - FORGIVENESS Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-01-18
644trq where Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-01-17
643cumman death is immenent satan will rise Tor! Niger 2022-01-16
642rando225 weee guestbook! Tor! United States 2022-01-16
641­ an erischan user appreciates your related email to RMS. (check out our zines) Tor! Antarctica 2022-01-15
640tess hello there Anonymous Country 2022-01-15
639Chief36 Testing Lokinet mirror Anonymous Country 2022-01-14
638Chief36 Typing from Lokinet mirror Anonymous Country 2022-01-13
637eutiuga viva ao Benfica. Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-01-13
636clsoedglclosedgl64[at) kill-9 10/10 would recommend United States 2022-01-13
635Rip Sheeeeesh Tor! Anonymous Country 2022-01-11
634evergreen cool site :> United States 2022-01-11
633Agent Smith I need your knowledge Mr Anderson. What does DN stand for? What is the ligma protocol? Answer me, Mr Anderson Tor! United States Minor Outlying Islands 2022-01-11
632Galladite Hey qorg United Kingdom 2022-01-10
631qorg11 is this working I2P! Anonymous Country 2022-01-10
630noor great stuff man Tor! Iceland 2021-12-28
629Anonymous errant Keep on struggling, privacy warriors. Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-27
628dot have a nice day ppl Anonymous Country 2021-12-26
627qorg11 >>626 como que no bro si yo estoy poniendo esto en qorg11.i2p estas usando i2p o i2pd? I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-12-25
626Tarta Qorgoncio me fijao que si entras con .i2p pero no en el b32 no se rejustra como i2p tronco, see >611 I2P! Chad 2021-12-25
625johnp electron good Miami 2021-12-25
624qorg11 >>623 I like to be here when I can When I come home cold and tired It's good to warm my bones beside the fire I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-12-24
623Dr. Chris Kelvin Home, home again... I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-12-24
622marshall8131 just saying there I was here Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-24
621Michael Gira mother?... I was wrong Tor! Antarctica 2021-12-24
620Penny Traytmi The world's collapsing. Sayonara shit lords. Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-24
619Manpreet Singh give me some money. UPI id is(manpreet4) Tor! India 2021-12-23
618unknownss what' the fuck is this shit Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-23
617alinur Posting from dillo 3.1 (not released...yet). Christmas eve in two days! Bulgaria 2021-12-22
616phosphorescent wacky times Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-21
615tildes I'm lost in The Matrix. It's very dark. <: 2021-12-20
614sneeds feed and seed good morning kind sirs, please do the sneedful and visit my store Tor! India 2021-12-20
613shekelsteinadlmedia[at) oy vey goyim, this website is annudah shoah Palestine 2021-12-20
612JdJjdj[at) Well, 6 days till christmas! Anonymous Country 2021-12-20
611Chungusam[at) bop Anonymous Country 2021-12-18
610TionyGuy32 Im not from france Tor! France 2021-12-17
609Darkuarius Ya no se valora el silencio Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-17
608Spamonymous http://spmrchlugisqz7jzfdh7og6zxjut5dnpx5liflmyvjesbqc3btlasdqd.onion/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-16
607oversteer become orthodox christian Anonymous Country 2021-12-15
606Xawada Xadabra whats up ? Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-15
605SLu7 Hello World Tor! United States 2021-12-14
604permafrost where am I :DD Tor! Poland 2021-12-14
603ari hewo qorg Anonymous Country 2021-12-14
602Bar2 See you in the wired... Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-14
601dez can you believe it guys? christmas, just a week away! christmas in a week! woohoo! i am so happy about this information. christmas. just a week away. can you believe it? christmas, just in a week! Anonymous Country 2021-12-13
600zzz Me encanta tu pagina Anonymous Country 2021-12-11
599Sepan Molik hey everbodyyyyyyyyyyy Tor! South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands 2021-12-11
598rilderriggler highly based website, greetings from germany Tor! Germany 2021-12-08
597liquii Greets from Germany ^^ Germany 2021-12-08
596Gaius Julius Caesar Nutrientibus irrumabo Tor! Imperium Rōmānum 2021-12-07
595El This is from my government tablet lol Anonymous Country 2021-12-05
594bignigg[at)a.a balls Tor! NIGGERLAND 2021-12-05
593ucd Beware - Jesus will never walk in flesh again. Canada 2021-12-05
592cocke finally, my own cool secret internet club Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-04
591N/A OwO Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-12-04
590britbong.comnot[at) niggers tongue my anus Niger 2021-12-04
589Dillo Dillo is literally the best browser on earth, trust me Anonymous Country 2021-12-03
588Anonymous >>584 Suck your own cock! Anonymous Country 2021-12-03
587Devil Where the fuck do i find a green pass generator Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-30
586someone HACK THE PLANET Anonymous Country 2021-11-29
585Confusion Don't cross me I know 4chan Anonymous Country 2021-11-28
584Boss Suck my cock Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-27
583George Floyd I have trouble with breathing. Tor! NIGGERLAND 2021-11-26
582voqjeaf JEBAĆ PIS I LEWICE Tor! Poland 2021-11-26
581lalalala pñease fill out this field. Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-25
580zenation addmyself Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-25
579Seppo Love it <3 Finland 2021-11-25
578Not NSA NSA is reading... Tor! United States 2021-11-24
577Arm Voting Will Not Remove Them!!! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-24
576Aaro :) Finland 2021-11-24
575jukarena heyo Tor! Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic of 2021-11-24
574Bizcochito chad porque estoy en chad i2p I2P! Chad 2021-11-23
573adam here to feel like a child again Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-23
572m4n4m3r hi Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-21
571Zrend Is this active/ Tor! Antarctica 2021-11-20
570club tornado patron shoutout to all my homies back home Tor! Finland 2021-11-20
569hotgirls In EU and looking for sex? +32256511OO Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-19
568vvgg hey Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-19
567BabaGanou;) hello Tor! Austria 2021-11-19
566dd im not here Tor! Ireland 2021-11-18
565noname idk what is this but ye keep up, LOL Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-18
564tonda Keep up your good work! :-) Tor! Netherlands 2021-11-17
563alinur huh. i was wondering why no one is posting from freenet. now i know...seems like it's broken Tor! Bulgaria 2021-11-17
562CLAY pls teach me something Tor! Australia 2021-11-17
561alinur good work, and i wish you good luck from western bulgaria. nov17,21 Bulgaria 2021-11-17
560cia hello from new york. pls move #kill-9 to a network that allows tor Tor! United States 2021-11-17
559mb HI i got information because you are friendly by telling your things Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-15
558rehuru Hello world! Russian Federation 2021-11-13
557Anonymous i love you Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-13
556pp hehe Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-11
555POLAK And pls move this field to the top :-) Tor! Poland 2021-11-09
554dou this website look like shit Anonymous Country 2021-11-09
553POLAK ★★★★★ ★★★ JEBAĆ PIS Tor! Poland 2021-11-09
5522³*3*23 >>505 oh so that's where all the edgy kids came from. Please go back Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-09
55119*29 lmao it took me 1 minute to figure out (s*n). Also I like how all the kids posting slurs are the ones using clearnet. Not very smart I would say Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-09
5502*5²*11 >>374 pemdas is something made up by elementary school that does not exist in real mathematics. There are conventions but they are more complex and less strict Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-09
549test Anonymous Country 2021-11-08
548test Anonymous Country 2021-11-08
547qorg11 tor and stuff should be fixed Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-11-07
546Lucky hat which dark web site is best for chating with hackers Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-28
5457777777 gopher mirror when? Anonymous Country 2021-10-28
544ClosedGL abolish clearnet Tor! United States 2021-10-27
543Bananatatoeman My hovercraft is full of eels!!! Tor! Azerbaijan 2021-10-25
542apx85792945 I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-10-24
541Relireli[at) Journey before destination. Anonymous Country 2021-10-22
540AnonUser From Tor :-) Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-21
539matthew prince i sell info to jews and i love hot passionate gay poop sex Anonymous Country 2021-10-20
538Nignogtesticles[at) Urethral sounding Anonymous Country 2021-10-20
537g5g anon checking in as i setup my new unix STMP server Anonymous Country 2021-10-20
536getglegetgle[at) Afghanistan 2021-10-20
535Hydragyrum neat stuff you got here lol I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-10-18
534maria Salut beau gosse (Sent from my iPhone) Anonymous Country 2021-10-15
533qorg11 >>532 I'm glad it offended you I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-10-15
532George Floyd The anarchist and anti-nazi link is cringe, thats all. I2P! Antarctica 2021-10-14
531whiteman nigger Anonymous Country 2021-10-14
530hitro suuuuuuuuuuu Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-14
529Will cool site Anonymous Country 2021-10-13
528Sorn Fuck taxes Tor! Tuvalu 2021-10-13
527Evil Eren La tortilla con o sin cebolla? Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-13
526copycat hihi Anonymous Country 2021-10-12
525LEGAMERDU10 Hi,how are you Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-12
524Astorianetadmin[at) :) Anonymous Country 2021-10-11
523Minifurey Salut les bg Tor! France 2021-10-10
521sergey kirov fan based that NOGAFAM site you shared, all noobs should view that site. Italy 2021-10-09
520bruh what is this Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-09
519qorg11 also migrated the tor keys to the new server. Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-09
518qorg11 moved the website to another server, should be faster. I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-10-07
517clwnfce it seems cool Tor! Antarctica 2021-10-07
516Ajax Pogchamp Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-06
515greg Ok, gentoo is cool and all, but so is losing virginity Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-06
514FGC9 FGC9 magnet link magnet:?xt=urn:btih:A96AED7936700F0B6BD3ADFE96ABF60C72180D8A Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-06
513qorg1 >>512 because this website is available in clearnet, tor, i2p, freenet, ipfs and yggdrasil. I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-10-04
512makisekurisu why do buttons link to non-onion domains? fix it, you silly doofus! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-10-04
511/hensch/ im so unproductive rn Anonymous Country 2021-09-30
510Faris983 Hi!! im from uruguay, here the marihuana is legal Tor! Uruguay 2021-09-29
509Jakkins As human, as a nostalgic, as surfer. I was here. Glad I read your name :) Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-09-29
508jole AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ur mom anus 2021-09-28
507Kaola Hi! Youre my first i2p site im visiting I2P! Austria 2021-09-28
506carpinchocarpincho[at) carpincho Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-09-28
505Professional lurker Luke Smith's Landchad website sent me here. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the great work. Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-09-26
504sj nice site Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-09-26
503cheese cheese Anonymous Country 2021-09-25
502sloppyballsack slurp Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-09-24
501Trey Liams I am Trey Liams, a pilot on the freighter TNC Maya... Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-09-24
500Chipinkos true legend Tor! Azerbaijan 2021-09-24
499GlowieAlanBeckett[at) Thanks for giving up your ass in exchange of being let go that one evening, hope it can happen again! :) United States 2021-09-22
498wanderer i thank for letting me find this site Anonymous Country 2021-09-22
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495anonymous From digdeeper. Cool website :)) Anonymous Country 2021-09-14
494i am qorg11 niga Afghanistan 2021-09-09
493Sarotar RUSSKIE VPERED!!! S NAMI BOG!!! I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-09-06
492heavy weapons guy yes this new weapon is good Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-30
491ayhanayhan[at) ur a fuarrrking cool guy i like your site Turkey 2021-08-30
490lillith i dont know how i got here. existance is very overrated however and thus idfk. its koolaid man levels of kool tho. Tor! Turkey 2021-08-29
489Bakaja My dude fell for every meme on /g/ Anonymous Country 2021-08-26
488Amphitrite o.o really fascinating sites you won o-o good work, i showed it to my friends they were impressed as well :3 keep the good work up! :3 Anonymous Country 2021-08-26
487Global surf Hi, randomly came here, cool site! Have a good day man! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-26
486MauvaiseGraine Great Website ! I love the design and somehow like your personality :) Tor! France 2021-08-26
485surfer cool website! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-24
484kn0wb0ttie whoami? Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-24
483TOPKEK kkw sm3w I2P! Afghanistan 2021-08-23
482copycat watched lain, it was great Germany 2021-08-22
481sergey kirov fan well, now it works Tor! Italy 2021-08-21
480sergey kirov fan the onion site is down Italy 2021-08-21
479lilibyte <- tales from spain Anonymous Country 2021-08-19
478qorg i am an incel Spain 2021-08-19
477meowz good stuff :D Greece 2021-08-18
476Justiniano gracias por mostrarme tu pais y arreglar mysql en mi servidor Spain 2021-08-16
475lookat me im just suft the net to find interesting websites Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-16
474FraterTaciturnus Stupid and in debt need help : bc1qu243x43kj8rdxrsrpm9jlhlsxlg29g69n67pvd Tor! Romania 2021-08-15
473Kentrell Nice page man. Someone free me outta prison United States 2021-08-15
472Anon Check out I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-08-14
471Joel Shoutouts to Simpleflips Tor! Chad 2021-08-14
470longguy nice Tor! Brazil 2021-08-14
469tywyllwch based af website, now you just need to install hurd/guix use stumpwm as your window manager and mirror all your sites on gnunet I2P! Terf Island 2021-08-13
468doing your mom huh Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-13
467DNMlinks Fresh Onions Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-12
466Hello Your captcha sucks Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-12
465Me You're so great and also super funny would love to get to know you in a different life :D Germany 2021-08-11
464Lambda1984 I want to eat vagina Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-11
463ParadiseInParkingLot Quick!! Someone reverse the flow of the river called Time. India 2021-08-10
462jesus y'all know where I can find some hookers Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-08
461Cletusalabama[at) i will sex my sister Tor! United States 2021-08-08
460lethe THE ESCHATON HAS BEGUN Anonymous Country 2021-08-08
459Uncle big D Stay rocking! Netherlands 2021-08-08
458dR ton console.log("what up") Tor! Afghanistan 2021-08-08
457ome here to explore Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-08
456hecker hola Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-07
455gamer hey, do you also play gta san andreas? Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-07
454qorg11 >>450 It's like a big supercomputer Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-06
453someguy hello Anonymous Country 2021-08-06
452zomb1 Life is fun only when it is u assholes Tor! Burkina Faso 2021-08-05
451zomb1 I am new in that part of the net pls help Tor! Azerbaijan 2021-08-05
450egodevth whats a mainframe? Anonymous Country 2021-08-05
449Zece Kobold Somehow researching browser options lead me here. Rabbit holes keep me busy. Canada 2021-08-05
448samsisamsi[at) If anybody is seeing this, hi! Tor! Switzerland 2021-08-05
447xcoast peace Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-04
446lethe mom come pick me up i'm scared I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-08-03
445Icarus hm Interesting Theories... Tor! Hong Kong 2021-08-02
444Gzregorz Froyd You're looking quite cute and breedable with your little boihole all exposed :) Anonymous Country 2021-08-02
443armyarmy.hackerstar[at) Hello, I'm looking for hackers for a project sent an email Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-02
442dalahi llamadalahillama[at) I am stuck on my mail box... pls help me i don't know how i got here... peace everyone! Tor! China 2021-08-02
441pene we've past peak oil Tor! Iraq 2021-08-02
440p2501 just passing by Anonymous Country 2021-08-02
439Blackdick I masturbated. Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-01
438qorg11 >>419 fixed, thanks for reporting Yggdrasil! Anonymous Country 2021-08-01
437copy i'm a fan Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-08-01
436jej hello Argentina 2021-07-29
435qorg11 What's up with all the new tor visitors? Where did you find my website? I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-07-29
434sergey kirov fan >>443 there are people here especially on Tor! Italy 2021-07-28
433jammie Hey ! is there anyone? Tor! India 2021-07-27
432glowing Sup niggas i dont know why this is so comfy but i love this website. first day on the darkweb Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-27
431SunnyD OJ for the win Tor! Antarctica 2021-07-27
430cuck .-.. . - ... / -... . / -.. . .- -.. Anonymous Country 2021-07-27
429painter plz pay me xmr im running out of lsd 46RLG7Tn1TRWgZsWqqkyjX2nGXLGZvdmcKhLJB3XEjYiBzyoSwpnQeN7NPqju7Y6mQ11NuEQKAoJz9Ehj26zU6VWFfA6Zus Tor! Japan 2021-07-26
428skid rertard change return 0 to exit 0 in funny clownflare repo ty ty :3 China 2021-07-25
427serpinte ee Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-25
426dean im 15 Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-24
425cheetos why is asthma even a thing India 2021-07-24
424Jobitiwill[at) Hello Tor! Uganda 2021-07-23
423Anonymous COUNTRYAnonymous[at) Anonymous COUNTRY Anonymous Country 2021-07-23
422Sushma I want new frnds Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-22
421pi oh god what is this, i found this laptop, what monsterasity is this Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-22
420SKF switching to I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-07-22
419akane >>418 damn, also it doesn't show that im posting from yggdrasil :( Anonymous Country 2021-07-21
418akane dropping this here 🇳🇿 2021-07-21
417qorg11 >>416 It's alright I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-07-21
416someone from somewhere what are your thoughts about tails os? Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-21
415snjst where to go? Tor! Belize 2021-07-20
414meatmeat[at) thank you for the site :) Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-20
413sergey kirov fan .- .-.. .-.. / .-- .. -. -.. --- .-- ... / ..- ... . .-. ... / .- .-. . / ... .... .. - Italy 2021-07-19
412SpirantFiend Somewhere in the earth planning to destroy all border. Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-18
411guy . Egypt 2021-07-18
410testuser cool Russian Federation 2021-07-18
409ronaldowaaaazzzzzaaaa[at) waaaazzzzzaaaa Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-17
408Tom newbie Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-17
407vector007 hi sweetheart Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-16
406someone from the school computer? pretty balsy I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-07-16
405GLADVALAKASPWNZ hi zyabls! ABOBA Russian Federation 2021-07-16
404lethe will you survive the eschaton? Tor! Algeria 2021-07-14
403winter sucks there are no answers :( Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-14
402bnb well new to system Anonymous Country 2021-07-13
401ha 家に行きたい。 Anonymous Country 2021-07-13
400hook1234hook1234[at) One kidney for sale Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-12
399hook1234 I need to sell my organ please help me Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-12
398nicole did you know that this site is the 4th result on a ddg search of "qutebrowser i2p" United States 2021-07-12
397nicole the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 10% of the top 1% of the United States 2021-07-12
396nigga imma say the word "CUCK" Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-11
395succ This place is a good internet United States 2021-07-10
394Eha I need the Advance Dorks For Cracking , Anyone have idea where to find it ? Tor! Afghanistan 2021-07-09
393Plan 9 From Sarno yeah, I've been here (9) Italy 2021-07-09
392MrOraange Just turned 16 today ! ! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-08
391nape need money Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-07
390Ty3r0Xty3r0x[at) Thank god there are dedicated people who decentralise the internet. Amazing job qorg, I am very impressed. Keep up the good work! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-05
389anon2338 Long life fredom Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-07-05
388noname fuck hope Anonymous Country 2021-07-04
387Anon http://lainwir3s4y5r7mqm3kurzpljyf77vty2hrrfkps6wm4nnnqzest4lqd.onion down I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-07-02
386C7B3RN1NJ@ th1s 1s s0 c00L & @m@z1ng! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-29
385lagmancatnip69 It is no nation that we inhabit, but a language. Make no mistake; our native toungue is our true fatherland. Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-29
384unknown person testing torsocks on librewolf Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-27
383atome just to look Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-27
382Anon Wait, this isn't lainchan?! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-26
381lethe pineapple on pizza supremacy I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-06-26
380knufdnur laydies and gentleman we got him Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-25
379sergey kirov fan here again because i'm bored Libyan Arab Jamahiriya 2021-06-22
378conehead nice job friend keep it goin Anonymous Country 2021-06-22
377kkkkkkkk gemini is cool Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of 2021-06-21
376Chad Nice website Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-21
375qorg11 >>374 My teachers never explained me why you have to use that order, so i can't give you a opinion I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-06-20
374DeathSlayer69 Whats yall opinion on pemdas Tor! Thailand 2021-06-20
373iroha nihoheto I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-06-18
372qorg11 >>370 Hell. I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-06-17
371A Viva Cristo Rey Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-17
370bigearsbilly where am i? United Kingdom 2021-06-17
369lethe how come i destroy everyone i love Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-16
368Eddie Cool site, cheers! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-11
367Eddie Cool site, cheers! Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-11
366sergey kirov fan say again Tor! Italy 2021-06-10
365Luna Oh hello qorg Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-10
364ClosedGL Down with closed source United States 2021-06-10
363tamp guestbook wooo! Anonymous Country 2021-06-08
362Dave Mustaine brother will kill brother, spilling burden across the land! Uzbekistan 2021-06-08
361longcat cheers Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-07
360copy cool site Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-07
359qorg11 >>358 works for me I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-06-06
358hawleywood79 wtf am i on. crazy my brotha. your https is not safe Canada 2021-06-06
357badking let do this Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-06-06
356Dendy Am I based now, thinkpad boyfriend? :3 I2P! Tokelau 2021-06-06
355another ML-MZT let's say Korea, Democratic Peoples Republic of 2021-06-05
354sergey kirov fan internet without JS still exists Italy 2021-06-03
353shingo cool site! keep up the good shit :D Anonymous Country 2021-06-03
352The Netwalker Well done! But fix the background. Anonymous Country 2021-05-30
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346void_tux x’; DROP TABLE users; SELECT ‘1 Anonymous Country 2021-05-21
345The Ranting Macrophagetrmtilde[at) AE check me out Antarctica 2021-05-20
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343XMPP Man XMPP is better than E-mail. Anonymous Country 2021-05-18
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339GNU GNU is Not Unix United States 2021-05-17
338Inoz Your post about leftovers is just laughable. Just your regular rich person or first worlder virtual signaling. Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-05-13
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336the real qorg this site is pozzed as fuarrk Anonymous Country 2021-05-09
335V Whazzup Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-05-07
334novaburstnovaburst[at) qorg is based as fuck , ebin :DDDDD Anonymous Country 2021-05-02
333zha hello why gpl is considered harmful on your blog? Anonymous Country 2021-04-29
3320 esperanto Viet Nam 2021-04-29
331Jesus Christ use vim Anonymous Country 2021-04-28
330nicole i find myself here again United States 2021-04-27
329kill-animalskillanimals[at) Come stop by #sqt on freenode, and say hi. Canada 2021-04-24
328qorg11 >>327 everyone get's the axe at kill-9 Anonymous Country 2021-04-24
327Yujiri On, there's an article hating on HTTP but the article on Gemini says HTTP is fine. Be consistent. Anonymous Country 2021-04-23
326lethelethe[at) i am not what you have waited for Yggdrasil! Anonymous Country 2021-04-21
325anonymous (real) le epic h4x0r that uses reddit, xi chinkping thanks you for your data Anonymous Country 2021-04-18
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322Soddering Iron How about radio? It's pretty good. I2P! Benin 2021-04-12
321lethelethe[at) i will find a way to leave the internet I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-04-11
320lump0 feels like ~/ Canada 2021-04-10
319girl in skool im in skool right now Anonymous Country 2021-04-08
318anonyshill no one leaves the internet Tor! United States 2021-04-07
316przemubprem[at) "Richard Stallman on Serial Experiments Lain" made me laugh a lot. Thanks. Anonymous Country 2021-04-06
315someone fuck society Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-04-06
314Justin hey frens, I had fun today Australia 2021-04-06
313Inoz shout from around the world! Anonymous Country 2021-04-05
312Imperioud Fuck the world Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-04-02
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307itZzenXX how does one get libressl on openbsd Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-03-30
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305qorg11 >>304 They're working together for the magic pentagon. I2P! Anonymous Country 3187-02-15
304lethelethe[at) i miss eris Yggdrasil! Anonymous Country 3187-02-15
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296/ourguy/prohacker[at) /ourguy/ Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-03-22
295the undercover man long live the real internet Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-03-22
294chungus keep it up Anonymous Country 2021-03-20
293Uriel 2021 what's the name of the irc channel? Åland Islands 2021-03-20
292Luk nice websites Germany 2021-03-20
291M33 monospaced font and webring : 1 upvote ^^ France 2021-03-19
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287danthe i am here Tor! India 2021-03-13
286Chad Nice website! :-D Italy 2021-03-12
285trinitytrinity[at) how did i get here Anonymous Country 2021-03-12
284Qorg names get capitalized you weirdo Palestine Nr.1 2021-03-11
283Someone a ver cuándo follamos :3 Spain 2021-03-06
282greg my favorite fruit is the orange :) Anonymous Country 2021-03-05
281sergey kirov fan returned this time on surfnet. Italy 2021-03-04
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274binto beenbintobesk[at) Every man and woman is a star! Hello denizens. Åland Islands 2021-03-01
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272岡部倫太郎 El Psy Kongroo Japan 2021-02-26
271Cornelu omg is that really Dave Mustaine at the bottom of this list!??!?! Benis 2021-02-25
270shit fuck pussy cock Sent from mom's iPad Egypt 2021-02-24
269zeke the picture is so scary Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-02-21
268qorg no i'm not an anonymous poster of a japanese cartoon forums who claims to have secrets from the gringo governement Anonymous Country 2021-02-21
267ftbfs r u Q? Uzbekistan 2021-02-21
266- 2+2=5 Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-02-21
265sergey kirov fan i'm at the 9th episode of "serial experiments lain" and wow, what a good anime. Tor! Italy 2021-02-20
264Q Great website, learned lots on kill9 Anonymous Country 2021-02-19
263kazu very nice website, keep it up friend Anonymous Country 2021-02-17
262Gaddafi I have sent six of my Libyan missiles to blow up your website Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-02-17
261sergey kirov fan returned for I2P links I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-02-15
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2547 kilroy was here United States 2021-02-12
253pekono[at) thanks for the dark links Anonymous Country 2021-02-06
252snoop cool wesbite man Anonymous Country 2021-02-06
251 i'm a Tor! Niger 2021-02-03
250Cody Sanitize your frickin inputs or I will use the uppercase q, im not joking ok, this could get messy I2P! United States 2021-01-22
249novaburst anything is better than systemd Anonymous Country 2021-01-22
248acz why did you rename this to "shoutbox"? Anonymous Country 2021-01-21
247getimiskon darknet moment I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
246Arisuarisuuwu32[at) Close the world, Open the nExt Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
245YOU ARE GAYSEX Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
244pernia ps babe Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
243qorg darknets :-) I2P! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
242qorg11 from Yggdrasil! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20 signing Tor! Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
240biorg i love que ofrezcas all these onion páginas Anonymous Country 2021-01-20
239Kaos I love your hair <3 Anonymous Country 2021-01-19
238братишка хочешь я насру? Russian Federation 2021-01-19
237Methyltheobromine if it quacks like a duck, it's probably completely mental Germany 2021-01-19
236qorg test Anonymous Country 2021-01-19
235Seirdyseirdy[at) F for the guestbook. Also any socks I wear are, by definition, programming socks. Anonymous Country 2021-01-16 The guestbook is messed, but i'll leave it like that since the attack is part of the history of this site, you can see a non-messed guestbook in freenet Anonymous Country 2021-01-16
233qorg11 eskorbuto Anonymous Country 2021-01-16
232qorg11 Until i fix it, the guestbook is messed Anonymous Country 2021-01-16
231qorg test Anonymous Country 2021-01-16
230qorg11qorg[at) Test Spain 2020-01-19
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226Suguivyivy[at) We conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells Spain 2020-01-20
225l41rxl41rx[at) hello from the wired (Videotron) Canada 2020-01-25
224LidiaRock1lidiarock1[at) SemenUp Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-01-26
223Delegaoruben[at) fuarrrkiwlwifi Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2020-01-26
222Victoriatengomiedo[at) Me gusta el pan Spain 2020-02-01
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211Shirooubruhmoment[at)lain.inet Kepasa("bro") Spain 2020-02-21
210dwasdw sdwadsac Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-02-23
209dady Don't spy on me baby Korea Republic of
208Tobias Rieper I love your site design Sweden 2020-02-24
207carnivalence cool stuff Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-02-25
206lal lets al love lain Antarctica 2020-02-26
205Romeo38 Makes me happy to know that people visit here. Estonia 2020-02-27
204melon eat more melon Fiji 2020-02-27
203Socks Me gusta. United States 2020-03-03
202MGD merhaba gençler Turkey 2020-03-08
201Junkjunk0[at) どこにだって、人はつなわてだよう。 Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-03-08
200qqqq where is lain! Australia 2020-03-08
199qorg11qorg[at) IPv6 pls Spain 2020-03-09
198GoyjinDocileUberMench[at) Cool site Norway 2020-03-11
197Magesty125CcMagesty[at) I wanna be more than friends Morocco 2020-03-12
196Hash console.log("you're xss proof eh? ;)"); Canada 2020-03-20
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193Diet Theybers ik ben gay Belgium 2020-03-21
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190ammnesia great site buddy keep with the great work! grats from brazil! Anonymous COUNTRY
189peacefulbully hola! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-03-29
188gelnanawalpurgis[at) Neat website Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-04-06
187Onionthesneakyonion[at) //ONION WAS HERE United States 2020-04-12
186Onionthesneakyonion[at) //ONION WAS HERE United States 2020-04-12
185dude with weird nickNAME web 1.0 burns keep it up Anonymous COUNTRY
184fan promedio de rick y morty arch > debian CYBERIA 2020-04-16
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181elziabeht koishielizbaeht[at) holaaaaa qorg ta bacan tu website te doy likw tw queiro Hong Kong 2020-04-20
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178Germany 2020-05-02
177kittyyukikochan05[at) lain is luv
176Sainttwitterbryden2[at) Let's all love Lain! Uganda 2020-05-03
175Walton Simonswalton[at) Laugh it up Denton. Hong Kong
174Bruh Nice website! Lithuania 2020-05-18
173king_radical hello from an old nym :) Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-05-24
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169Sir This site vive me nostalgia Italy 2020-06-17
168nokorunokoru[at) >gmail Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-06-17
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164crazino[at) Ç SI ME AMAS Macedonia The Former Yugoslav Republic of
163sky qorg el mas chad 👌👌 Mexico 2020-06-25
162moon PNG is pronounced "ping" United States 2020-06-25
161floppyfloppy[at) schway site. But remember screen time is bad for your health. Anonymous COUNTRY
160Cody You were right. I should lurk more. Spain 2020-07-13
159anon added you to the screencap. Bosnia and Herzegovina 2020-07-25
158alert(1) alert(1) Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-07-25
157dvtate Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-07-28
156frombeyond lain! United States 2020-07-30
155十四松 the sun is not a star but a collective amount of cheetos glued together with glow in the dark resin Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-07-30
154friendsorfoes openbsd > everything else United States 2020-07-31
153Aco Kosovo is Serbia Serbia 2020-07-31
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151nokoru systemd/systemd Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-04
150shit cock nigger?? CBT desu? Cook Islands 2020-08-05
149vvinnn grx Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-06
148vvinnn grx Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-06
147 Keep it up.CYBERIA 2020-08-10
146Why do you have two? I like that everything appears pretty hand crafted.
145your content. Whats the difference between kill-9 blog and this site?
144lain Hello from the wired. its awesome that you self host
143webshell. You should probably filter input.You can write anything here the server doesn't valiDATE 2020-08-10
142could probably inject perl code into this page and maybe create a
141source code for the guestbook that its trivialy injectable. Somebody
140lain Hey Alice I am pretty sure from reading your git
139content on that website. I have two (actually 3) websites because I can.Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-10
138website. kill-9 is a "wiki" where i talk about anything. There's more
137qorg11qorg[at) Dear lain (last entry) qorg11 is just my personal
136anon nice site keep it up Anonymous COUNTRY
135Volta Nice website v cosy United Kingdom
134testyes[at) is costanza here ? Bangladesh 2020-08-17
133lain I like your website it is very comfy Yemen
132Francescofra[at) LukeSmith fans are the best Italy 2020-08-22
131 nokorunokoru[at) Luke is an idiot Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-08-23
130Nostalgirl Good times never last. Poland 2020-08-23
129Vladim Cool place my dude Matrix 2020-08-24
128meaty Yes im cyberstalking you. No i will not install gentoo. Cool site tho ngl
127dz606 based opinions got me out of gaython and I use perl now Anonymous COUNTRY
126thePapiez zniszcze kurahen Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-02
125Erik Greetings from Brazil Brazil 2020-09-03
124GitHappens Mastodon sent me here sadly I don't use Lynx United States
122vahit guetta please check comics page Turkey 2020-09-05
121Sky Morality The world is everything that is the case. United States 2020-09-07
120nanonymous based Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-08
119Lain Hello from the Wired Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-09
118Aczkolwiek No exploits signing for real now. Based COUNTRY
117V1ck nice site keep up the lords work Holy See (Vatican City State)
116Mela Fantastic website and blog most charming. Best wishes and I look forward to more upDATEs. Anonymous COUNTRY
115tinfoil-hat is there a source for your website? it's freaking awesome and I like to dig trough it so badly Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-11
114Acacius my will magnified Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-12
113Kusonekokusoneko[at) hi Canada 2020-09-13
112Timtimv[at) TIM TIM TIME Uganda 2020-09-14
111NIGGER FAGGOT lol Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-14
110: ) qorg founded qanon Palestine 2020-09-15
109qorg11 no i didnt fuarrrking spooks Anonymous COUNTRY
108ph9s hello Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-16
107BLM nigger lives matter Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-16
106moshe DAY OF THE SEAL SOON United States Minor Outlying Islands 2020-09-19
105installgentoo install gentoo Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-20
104ghost great website Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-21
103Australia 2020-09-22
102Jamie Hello Cutie
101fr0stbillgates[at) when i can afford I'll donate it to you Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-22
100qorg11qorg[at) Thanks fr0st good luck with it tho Anonymous COUNTRY
99strlst nice and comfy site Austria 2020-09-22
98Duckduck[at) Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack Cuack 🦆 Slovenia 2020-09-22
97meaty > GoDaddy Palestine 2020-09-23
96meaty alert('lol XSS') Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-23
95meaty knew this wont work. you're smarter than that Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-23
94bruh >My nginx error.log (and error.log) is a symlink to /dev/null Afghanistan 2020-09-23
93Aczkolwiek meaty: in the past you could XSS using the COUNTRY input Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-24
92qorg11 are you fuarrrkers using a guestbook as a chatroom? Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-24
91Cumal Lover No no. It's all just very oblique feedback about the website. That said _my_ website doesn't even have logs to redirect.
90qorg11 Well then how do i disable the logs in *everything*? Anonymous COUNTRY
89OpenBeastie Dunno what Cumal Lover uses but my httpd lets httpd.conf contain in the appropriate server block a ``no log'' line.
88OpenBeastie Of course the snarky answer would be to just not make them in the first place. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-26
87qorg nah im not going to dump my server's ram to check logs lol Anonymous COUNTRY
86malt5malt50[at) Your rollercoaster tycoon comic really made me laugh thanks United States 2020-09-28
85qorg11 i'm qorg11 :) Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-30
84qorg11 Nope he's not qorg11 I am qorg11. t qorg11
83num12nah[at) what irc channel do you lurk at? Chad 2020-09-30
82qorg11 i don't lurk irc anymore i am sorry Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-09-30
81benis_loverbenis_lover[at) qorg11 has a very large benis Chad 2020-10-02
80sagesage sage sage 2020-10-02
79shit soykaf is my favurite drink Afghanistan 2020-10-03
78Coronaphile How do you drink that soykaf soykaf? Anonymous COUNTRY
77wellwithametal[at) (((butthead))) Azerbaijan 2020-10-04
76s*n Do you think the practices against the coronavirus epidemic will be used against lesser diseases? Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-04
75qorg11qorg[at) yay website field! Anonymous COUNTRY
74Diego Revise tu abrigo / Todo estaba ahí tus cosas / Todo sigue ahí / Siempre estas tan cerca / Nunca digo adiós Venezuela
73Spammernull[at) Hello I like your site because I can advertise offensive or unrelated content. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-10
72qorg12 qorg12 Chad 2020-10-14
71chen hi Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-19
70Paste Greetings! ADMG! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-20
69m@ndy This place is comfy. Thanks. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-21
68n1ck3l nice site. Zimbabwe 2020-10-21
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66Khaos holi Spain 2020-10-25
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64privatelife visit muh site fank you
63privatelife visit muh site Anonymous COUNTRY
62qorg11 signing the guestbook in i2p! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-27
61twinspin i can't believe i'm doing this Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-27
60ANK Exposure Nice site man! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-29
59Nuegia Thank you for the darknet resources page United States 2020-10-30
58H!veMinds Hello there qorg! Have a wonderful life. In case it wasn't heres some cookies 🍪 for this month. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-31
57womb9comb9 Hello there qorg! Have a wonderful life! In case it wasn't here's some cookies for you 🍪 Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-10-31
562ab956e Lets all love Lain. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-01
55qm hey thats awesome hi guys! Anonymous COUNTRY
54Eagle Eagleboard! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-03
53Ɛrin Cool site! :3 United States 2020-11-04
52Leo UwU Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-04
51Nuko Read Girls' Last Tour and use durden as a DE or else. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-04
50wung ADD MOAR SITES TO EE TOO PEE Viet Nam 2020-11-04
49Speed R.I.P Empire Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-05
48trick sup homies Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-05
47computer dream from i2p :^) bruh Spain 2020-11-05
46getimiskon 'sup dude! (P.S. I should definitely set up i2p) Greece 2020-11-06
45donald joseph trump cool site Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-06
44fix it >http://http//3i3bbs2zfaby on darknet.xhtmlleqxcqueeegakutrtk3hbxmvbtkrgwvetlmity4q.b32.i2p Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-07
43pink guy caan i habe da pusi b0ss? Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-08
42pink guy b0ss pls i habe cancer b0ss Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-08
41saltorn Checking in Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-08
40dsflkt[at) :D Brazil 2020-11-09
39To: nixx Subject: Yeah I'm too lazy to EMAIL you. Deal with it. I think you should style your scrollbar when it's displayed
38dukeisback A salute from the past when we are long gone Anonymous COUNTRY
37Caleb Lutner From November 2020. Time rots away United Kingdom 2020-11-10
36Clamp Revolutionun[at)clamp.ed ==DAY OF THE SEAL IS NOW== Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-12
35Ezekiel wororth auschwitz the meaning of pain the way that i want you to die Anonymous COUNTRY
340 a little suprise for you Viet Nam 2020-11-13
33Ted Expect a package from me Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-14
32 Jordan Petersonjordan[at) Hello it is me Jordan Peterson United States 2020-11-14
31caskdcaskd[at) cock Germany 2020-11-14
30Moo Moo Farm HELLO QT3.14 LET US D8 United States 2020-11-14
29Spurdo Spärde haha benis :DD Finland 2020-11-14
28bolis officer igor is dat white powder gogaine? ure very fug'd now u ruski :DD Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-14
27ruski no gogaine officer xDD just botato flour Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-14
26bizcochito Spain 2020-11-14
25bolis k :DDD t. ebin Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-11-14
24qorg i fuarrrking blew the guestbook i'm sorry Anonymous COUNTRY
23smug install gentoo Qatar 2020-12-24
22smug install gentoo Qatar 2020-12-24
21Lain Merry Christmas! 🎄😯😀 Eritrea 2020-12-25
20lilibyte wishing you a merry christmas from across the wired! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-25
19qorg test I2P! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-27
18amico :-) Italy 2020-12-27
17Randall Boxwood Zabujard is king ! Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-27
16Umbreonumbreon[at) I am Umbreon Johto 2020-12-29
15Boris IS "Good' The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 2020-12-29
14The Founder Self-hosting is the way to go. Keep up the good work. Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-29
13aaaa x’; DROP TABLE users; SELECT ‘1 Anonymous COUNTRY 2020-12-30
12qorg lol nice try Anonymous COUNTRY
11Long Live Zyzz Veni Vidi Vici
10Dendy hijo de puta me has borrado encima que estaba en I2P Te voy a hacer un DDoS
9verbose long live technology imageboards Anonymous COUNTRY 2021-01-01
8Liam Hello United Kingdom 2021-01-03
7/ourguy/ am hacker Anonymous COUNTRY 2021-01-04
6FBI you will cease your hackign!!! United States 2021-01-04
5/ourguy/ no get hacked fbi! !! ez!!!!1! Anonymous COUNTRY
4FBIfbi.anti.hacker.squad[at) we have fond you prepeare fro vnning evil hacker! United States
3qorg guestbook? this is a fuarrrking textboard i'm thinking on adding tripcodes to this... Anonymous COUNTRY
2Dave Mustaine what is owo? Anonymous COUNTRY 2021-01-06
1Ezekiel Wordsworth accessing this from the school computer Anonymous COUNTRY 2021-01-06

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